Editorial Philosophy

What Genres do I Edit?

No editor is a jack of all trades (or at least, they shouldn’t claim to be), so while developmental and line editing are broad skill sets, I have specialized in adult and new adult romantic fiction, as well as paranormal, mystery (with romantic elements), and sci-fi/fantasy. These are genres I’m particularly passionate about and read frequently, both for personal and professional enjoyment and fulfillment.

However these genre labels are very wide, so please make sure that your project falls into one of my areas of specialization. Click on the icons below to get a sense of the subgenres I work in.

Please note I do not accept books depicting bestiality (shapeshifters and other paranormals do not count), unsafe sexual relations, and graphic depictions of pedophilia, incest (blood relatives), sexual assault, statutory rape (> 3-year difference and one person is <18), and rape for titillation.

If your manuscript doesn’t fall into one of the above specializations, don’t worry! Some of my favorite projects have been genre-bending or mixing books, so as long as there are strong romantic elements to your story and it falls into the larger genres I do work in, don’t hesitate to query me!

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What Now?

Step 1: Check Out My Services

I offer a variety of services that can be customized or combined to make a comprehensive and individualized project package to help you write the best book possible. Please take a look at the services in each of the four categories below to read more on what is involved with each service I offer:

Query Assessment
Manuscript Critique
Developmental and Line Edit Package Icon depicting an open book with a story board on the left-hand page and line edits on the right

A downloadable list of my services is available on request, and offers helpful suggestions for which service(s) might best suit you and your upcoming project. You can keep this by your workspace for future reference, but also feel free to share this with your writer friends too!

Step 2: View My Editorial Schedule

I am currently booking one month in advance for editorial work (critiques, developmental edits, and line edits), and two weeks for coaching.

For editorial work, I have spaces for:

For coaching, please select the type of coaching you’re interested in below and you’ll be able to see via availability via Calendly.

Please note that, while I try to update this regularly, drop-in-schedule work does happen, meaning the above dates aren’t always guaranteed and may be already booked. It’s always better to ask and/or fill out the project information form with your desired start date, so I can put you on my waitlist should any cancellations or shifts in my schedule occur.

Step 3: Tell Me About Your Project

Once you have a good sense of how my services can help you achieve your goals, please fill out and submit the project information form so I can get a better idea of what your needs are.

Please, please make sure that you give as much information about your book and project as possible—especially in the “Your Expectations”, and “Additional Information” sections of the form—as this impacts the results of the work. It’s better for you to be honest about your budget restrictions, expectations, goals, etc. for the work than for miscommunication to occur and we both end up frustrated or unhappy with any deliverables.

I normally respond within 48 hours to project inquiries and—depending on the clarity and scope of your project—I will come back with a Letter of Agreement and a quotation, or I might ask you to fill out a Client Needs Assessment form for more information first.

Step 4: Get a Start Date & Editorial Deadlines

Negotiating the Details

The Letter of Agreement (LOA) is there to make sure we are both clear on the boundaries and scope of the work we’ll be doing together, and is there to make sure we understand what is expected of each of us (e.g. deadlines, deliverables, etc.). This is your chance to ask any and all questions you might have and for us to fine-tune the project parameters to suit both of us.

This is first and foremost a discussion draft, so if anything needs to be adjusted (e.g. you need more than X days for revisions), this is the time for us to discuss that via email.

Please understand that while many things are up for negotiation, some points are hard limits in order to ensure the quality of work.

Signing the LOA

Once we have negotiated the terms of the Letter of Agreement, I will send you a very pretty finalized version of the document (with the quotation for the work and the payment schedule included) for signing.

Please kindly sign the LOA (as indicated in the document) and initial all other pages. This document acts as an editorial contract and I’ll send you a copy for you to keep for your records when we have both signed the document.

It is at this point any deposits or payments will need to be paid to secure a spot in my work schedule. It’s also when any documents I need from you (linked editorial, social media links, etc.) need to be sent to me.

One Week Before Start Date

One week before the start date (listed in the LOA), you’ll receive a gentle reminder email that work will begin shortly. If at this point you think you’ll have any difficulties meeting any deadlines, making coaching sessions, etc. this is the time to tell me. I will do my best to accommodate any shifts in schedule, but please be aware there might be related fees and/or delays.

On the Start Date

On the start date, please send me the most recent version of your manuscript. You will then receive an e-mail notifying you that your project has been started, along with a PayPal invoice for any fees due at that time (per the LOA).

Please note that after the notification e-mail, refunds will only be given for the words that have not been edited. In other words, you will pay for what has been read/edited, which will be sent to you, and be refunded the rest of the money, minus the deposit and PayPal fees.

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