The Comfort and Accessibility of a One-on-One

My coaching services are there for authors to ask their book, marketing, and industry-related questions, and to get individualized verbal feedback on specific projects. If you’ve been struggling with revisions, find it difficult to get the words flowing, or even just want a sympathetic ear to the struggles of being a solo creator, then let me offer you…

  • I’ll be your sounding board; someone you can ask questions to assuage your fears, get answers from, and help you identify what works for you
  • You’ll get a confidant who will celebrate your milestones and achievements, and help you dig deeper into the trenches when the going gets tough
  • I will battle writer’s block and work/life overwhelm with you
  • You’ll learn techniques to work with the small pockets of time you do have and organize your thoughts into a writeable flow
  • Together we’ll make sitting at your desk exciting again!
  • I’m an editor with 7 years in the industry who knows what it takes to get published
  • I have a B. Soc. Sci. of Psychology from Bond University, and an M.A. of Marketing from the University of Tasmania. I am uniquely qualified to guide you in crafting emotionally accessible and marketable stories

Concept Selection & Development


100% at booking


5% for students

Oftentimes it is hard to gauge the longevity and the market suitability of a story idea until you write it, and nothing is more frustrating than spending time and energy developing a concept only for you to have to shelve it because the story didn’t pan out or it wasn’t “sellable”.

Concept Selection & Development sessions are there to help you choose the best plot bunny or pitch to synthesize into a workable story concept that factors in trope and genre compatibility, character likeability, and conflict sustainability. 

If you struggle to choose which project to start on next, worry about your idea being “good or strong enough”, or want to go into outlining with a good sense of potential pitfalls you might run into, this is the service for you. 


  • up to 10 What If story briefs (think a 300-word pitch that paints major vibes)

You will leave each session with enough notes and feedback to write a single-page concept summary with in-built hooks to keep readers interested, that you can then use to outline and plot your manuscript. 

$ 50 / 30 Minutes

Brainstorming & Plotting

Brainstorming & Plotting sessions really focus on guiding you to synthesize your story or series concept and develop plot and character roadmaps that can better direct your writing efforts.

If you’ve ever worried about “being on the right track” or making sure your book will meet genre expectations (esp. for new-to-genre authors), or just want to streamline your plotting or editorial process to develop more solid first drafts, then this is the service for you.


  • 1 – 2 page story concept document outlining your plan for your project, any ideas, must haves, prompts, etc. included (if you have a story synopsis, that is preferred)

If your project has any linked editorial (e.g. short stories, freebies, or other books in the series), please also send:

  • Series outline
  • Copies of previous books in the series

You will leave each session with a writing plan for the week and ideas for exploration to be developed in our next session.


All Brainstorming & Plotting session must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance so I can read all your materials


100% at booking


10% off if you book 10 sessions at a time

$80/60 MINUTES

Small Group Coaching

Interested in a workshop that gives insight into an acquisitions editor’s thought process while reviewing submissions?

Small group coaching sessions run for 3.5 hours and are limited to 5 participants total. Each attendee must submit a 1 page (500 words) story concept note and the first 20k words of their current manuscript a month before the workshop for everyone to review in advance. Participants will receive verbal feedback during the session and their marked manuscript pages afterward.