I’m Kate Marope, a developmental and line editor and author coach, who has been working with traditional and self-published authors for the last eight years to find their voice and tell their stories in the most compelling way possible. I also moonlight as a freelance editor for various publishers and editorial firms.

I focus on providing a collaborative editorial experience because publishing is frustrating and hectic as it is. Your editor should be working with you to achieve your vision for your book in a way that readers find difficult to forget.

You’re creating an experience for your readers, so I’m here to be a writing partner who will continuously challenge you to become a stronger writer, be a sounding board to help you clarify your story concepts for more solid first drafts, and an accountability buddy who will remind you that you promised to do X, Y, Z for your book and low key side-eye you if you haven’t done it yet. (I know you already have an excuse ready for that last one.)

Whether you are looking to self-publish, land an agent, or get a contract with a publisher, we’ll find a process that works for you. We’ll create a personalized program using a combination of 1:1 coaching, manuscript critiques, developmental and line editing, and even various assessments to make sure you’re getting the help you need to achieve your goals.

On this website, you’ll:

Get to Know Me

I truly believe that all enduring author-editor relationships are built on respect, trust, and friendship, so please take a look at my about me page to get to know me a little better.

If you are an author interested in being featured on any of The Ribbon Marker series or have ideas for collaboration, please fill out this form.

If you are a publisher or agent looking to work with me (e.g. targeted coaching/critiquing for an almost-there author, taking the odd DE or LE off your hands when you’re swamped, or helping you blast through your submissions queue), please contact me via email.

Explore My Services

For information about who I am as an editor, what genres I specialize in, the content I am willing or not willing to edit, and my general process, please take a look at my services page.

For more information about specific services I offer, please click on one of the four service categories below for details on types of services, what each includes, pricing, deliverables, and more.

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Pick Up Writing Tips

Sharing is caring, and I really do believe there aren’t enough free resources for writers, particularly geared for kinesthetic and auditory learners. I learn best by doing (or at least watching the concepts in action), so you’ll find a lot of case studies, examples, and even audio recordings of any written content on my blog.

You’ll find a lot of my content is focused on characterization because for me memorable stories aren’t about explaining your characters’ lives—it’s about giving the reader the chance to experience that life for the duration of your book.

If audio is your thing—we’re all super busy, so if you can multitask, go for it—then definitely check out the Path to Print Podcast for audio versions of the blog and 60 – 90-minute long weekly special episodes with various guests.

And if that’s still not enough, follow me on YouTube for theme-based editorial discussions!

Take a look around and, when you’re ready, head over to the project information form to book!



  • I enjoy editing my stories, and I welcome an editor’s professional eye, so I trusted Kate to help me create the best version of my book. With her notes and in-manuscript comments, I was able to flesh out existing scenes and write several new ones, adding about 7,000 words to the book. I also completely revamped the ending, writing an additional chapter that better let the reader into the characters’ lives and gave my book a more concrete HEA finish.

    Aidan Wayne, Queer Romance Author

  • For each book, Kate gave me editorial deadlines I could hang on my wall and know when everything was due. Her editorial letters were really detailed and more than helpful because I’d sat on the story for so long, reading the same stuff over and over. Her comments fell in line with what we talked about in our initial Zoom call, and while it was a little scary to rearrange the skeleton, she gave me the tools I needed to do so!

    Charish Reid, Academic Romance Author

  • From the outset, Kate ‘got’ what I was trying to do with my manuscript. Her incredible, detailed feedback helped me fix pacing, jargon, and wordiness issues, and strengthen the characterizations, making everything flow. Quite literally, her critique took me from first-draft to submission-ready, and I landed my dream agent as a result. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced writer, Kate’s editorial insights and ability to see to the core values of your story is the special sauce for your book darlings.

    Kristy Anne, Contemporary Romance Author