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It’s the fiction podcast equivalent of your older nibling yelling in your ear to stop letting your self-doubt and frustration get the better of you. There is an awesome story in you, just trust yourself and your voice.


Whether you’re looking for writing and revision tips (“blogisodes”) or diving deep into the writing process and story meaning with guests (Special Episodes), Path to Print has your back as you forge on and get that word count in.

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Age Gap Romances

On Setup (i.e. Opening Chapters)


Join me as I woo my family into reading romance novels in this two-part series discussion turned book club on romance tropes.


Peel back the curtain and get into the nitty-gritty of how you put your story together from the developmental side of things.


Look at writing representation that actually matters, and see that culture or ethnicity and race are not a monolith.


Hear directly from editors about what books they are loving and want to see.


Let’s normalize making missteps as part of the process of developing your writing.


Get the reader’s perspective on books after they’re published.


Listen to what’s selling and what agents are looking to represent while we give our best tips & advice

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