I enjoy editing my stories, and I welcome an editor’s professional eye, so I trusted Kate to help me create the best version of my book. With her notes and in-manuscript comments, I was able to flesh out existing scenes and write several new ones, adding about 7,000 words to the book. I also completely revamped the ending, writing an additional chapter that better let the reader into the characters’ lives and gave my book a more concrete HEA finish.

Aidan Wayne, Queer Romance Author

For each book, Kate gave me editorial deadlines I could hang on my wall and know when everything was due. Her editorial letters were really detailed and more than helpful because I’d sat on the story for so long, reading the same stuff over and over. Her comments fell in line with what we talked about in our initial Zoom call, and while it was a little scary to rearrange the skeleton, she gave me the tools I needed to do so!

Charish Reid, Academic Romance Author

From the outset, Kate ‘got’ what I was trying to do with my manuscript. Her incredible, detailed feedback helped me fix pacing, jargon, and wordiness issues, and strengthen the characterizations, making everything flow. Quite literally, her critique took me from first-draft to submission-ready, and I landed my dream agent as a result. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced writer, Kate’s editorial insights and ability to see to the core values of your story is the special sauce for your book darlings.

Kristy Anne, Contemporary Romance Author

If you’re a new writer and need someone to hold your hand, tell you it’s going to be okay, and coax the best story out of you, Kate is the best person for the job. If you’re a seasoned writer, who likes feedback, and relaxed and open dialogue with your editor, she’s amazing for that too. Really there’s no downside here.

Fortune Whelan, Author of the Dorseys of Conception Bay series

It was such a pleasure working with Kate! She was warm and clearly very experienced. She helped by asking insightful questions that really raised the standards for my story. I highly recommend using her services.

Emma Salah, Author of the Becoming a Thomas series

I am so pleased with the services provided. Kate not only understood my story but gave me suggestions and comments that I truly valued. I was able with her guidance to make significant changes to the structure, flow, and character development throughout my novel. Her detailed reports were written with such care and precision it was as though we were partners on this project, both equally invested. I already let her know I plan to use her again for my novel in the works. Thank you Kate!!! 

Laurel Ostiguy, Author of The Onondaga State series

When I asked Kate to beta read my first novel I didn’t expect the amount of work and effort that she was going to put into it! Both the feedback and comments/edits on the manuscript itself are extensive and extremely useful and will improve my work 100%. Very happy with the service which is extremely good value for money. Will definitely be working with Kate again!

Manda Mellett, Author of the Blood Brothers & Satan’s Devils MCs series

Kate did a spectacular job beta reading my manuscript. She was professional, organized, and thorough throughout the entire process of beta reading. I was impressed by how precise and honest her critiques of my manuscript were and how dead-on her suggestions were. I look forward to working with her in the future and would definitely recommend Kate to anyone looking for a beta reader.

Lindsey Hewitt

Wowzers! What feedback!! Kate caught some of my foibles throughout and I’m so grateful for all her thoughts. I was a bit taken aback at first, but followed her direction and let it sit with me, then went back and read through again. Almost all of her suggestions were nail-on-the-head type stuff and I spent the day working on revisions. I wish I could afford to have her copy edit for me, but I want to save my funds for her to beta read the next in the series.

JR Turner

To be honest, I was just about floored by Kate’s feedback report. I had absolutely no idea my manuscript was worth even half the praise she gave it… I was not at all prepared for the glowing review she gave me. All of her feedback has been beyond wonderful. Most of the issues she brought up were things I never would have found on my own. If I bump into any writer friends looking for a beta reader, I’ll definitely send them her way.

Katherine Cyr