Book Review: King’s Conquest by Valentina Heart

The cover of the 1st edition of King’s Conquest

King’s Conquest (Mending the Rift Book 1)

Author: Valentina Heart 

Genre: Gay fantasy & fairytale

Warnings: Mpreg

Rating: M

Length: 96 pages (novella)

Please note that I read the first edition of this book, which was published by Silver Publishing in 2012. A second, expanded, edition was published with Totally Bound Publishing in 2014.


The only way for Prince Rin to save his kingdom is to marry a king and bear a child, but will he survive his fate?

In a world where two kingdoms are constantly at war, Prince Rin, heir to the throne of the Kari kingdom, has been demanded as a war conquest by King Merinej of Jeda. The prince must travel to his enemy’s kingdom and share the king’s bed, bearing him a child, or the war will continue. But the prince will not lower himself to what he sees as nothing but the title of a whore, so he demands a contract requiring the king to be faithful to him. After all, giving Merinej a child will threaten Rin’s life.

Even going into the marriage headfirst, Rin expected nothing more than a business arrangement. Instead, he receives affection, yet the more surprising realization is his willingness to give love back. However, the king cannot save Rin from those who wish him harm, and their union might be over before it can fully bloom. Continue reading “Book Review: King’s Conquest by Valentina Heart”