Fanfiction Review: You Can Do This by osointricate

McDannoYou Can Do This

Author:  osointricate

Genre: McDanno M/M romance & family

Warnings: Typical Hawaii Five-0 violence, serious Rachel bashing, and past child abuse

Rating: MA

Length:  111,845 words (novel)


“What’s it about? Steve and Danny start dating each other, then they start a family, and then they freak out because they realize they are dating each other.” -Kono Kalakaua, age 31

“Uncle Steve and Danno are idiots, they are such idiots, they drive me crazy because what the [“Grace Danielle! Watch your language!”] took them so long?” -Grace Williams, age 13

“‘Mander and Danno are the best except Daddy is pretty cool too. (“Can they all tie for best?” “Yeah, sure.”) They all tie for best.” -Charlie Edwards, age 4

“The motorcycle stuff is my favorite part. The rest is just an exercise in frustration because they should have been dating years ago.” -Chin Ho Kelly, age redacted

“Turns out I get a happy ending, imagine that.” -Nahele Huikala, age 15

Featuring: Giant sharks, family bonding, a bazooka, frustration, idiot fathers, purple casts, mothers that just don’t understand, New Years confetti, and Grace facepalming way more often than she would like it. Rated T for “Throw them in a closet until they make out.” “Grace, no.”

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Fanfiction Review: It All Started With a Visit to Gringotts by Jadedragon36

It All Started With a Visit to Gringotts 

Author: Jadedragon36

Category: Harry Potter

Main Relationship: Harry Potter / Severus Snape

Rating: M

Length: 428,262 words (60 chapters)

Status: Complete


Voldemort is dead and Harry has finally graduated from Hogwarts and is ready to live his life, but his world is turned upside down when he realizes friends can become enemies and enemies become friends. Powerful Harry.

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Welcome to The Ribbon Marker!


Welcome to The Ribbon Marker, an editorial blog dedicated to reviewing urban fantasy and gay romance books, and pretty much anything else book or publishing related.

The site is still under construction, but I am working at it everyday. For now, you can explore my Fanfiction Favorites (fanfiction writers deserve recognition too!), and see my All-Time Favorites Book Reviews that share what I loved about various Urban Fantasy and Gay Romance authors’ books/series. You can also check out my Anticipated Reads section, with my TBR pile and Upcoming Releases pages, to share in what books I need to get around to reading (stop interrupting RL), and the books that I eagerly anticipate.

Aside from my reading obsession (though it kind of goes hand in hand), I am very much into writing. I have all these ideas running through my head, and not enough hours in the day to write them all down (or finish them). However, some persistent plot bunnies won’t leave me alone until they’ve been shared with the world, so keep an eye out for my Coup de Plume page

My upcoming Editorial Insights pages will have all kinds of nifty info on entering the publishing industry, what should go on your reference bookshelf, and other little editorial tidbits.

That’s enough about all that. Go check out what I do have on here.

Fan Fiction Favorites Now Up


I have made a little headway into updating my Fan Fiction Favorites page. You can find them there, listed by the author’s name.

I still have to do the outlines for other pages I want to add to the blog, after which I will start updating reviews.

In the mean time, take a gander at the Fan Fiction Favorites page and browse the synopses. If some tickle your fancy, have a read and tell me what you thought about them :P.

Signing off,


Fanfiction Review: Across Time and Space by Pikachumomma

Across Time and Space

Category: Harry Potter

Main Relationship: Harry Potter / Severus Snape

Rating: M

Length: 29,826 words (10 chapters)

Status: Work in Progress


Severus is alone and Hogwarts can see the hurt that young Severus is radiating. She gathers up her magic and brings his soul mate from another universe.

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WordPress Newbie

Hello everyone!

My name is Ketshedile, but you can call me Kate (easier to spell and pronounce). I am obviously new to WordPress, but I look forward to spreading my blogging wings on here.

My blog will mostly be about my favorite hobby/soon-to-be profession: reading. I love to read. Harry Potter slash fan fiction, gay romance (most of which are also paranormal in nature), and urban fantasy are my favorite genres.

I am working on making pages for my favorite fan fictions, as well a book lists for my favorite authors/books under the aforementioned genres. As I read a lot, it’s going to take me a while to finish those up. I am determined to at least update one new favorite read per day (fingers crossed).

I am also going to have pages for Anticipated Reads (aka my to-be-read pile), my foray into writing, and my job hunt/experiences on becoming an editor. My blog will also include updates of what I am doing, random streams of consciousness, and any thing that I think might be of interest to other people.

Be patient with me, as this is my first ever blog (and WordPress scares the daylights out of me).

Signing off,