Book Review: On His Watch by Katie Ruggle

On His WatchOn His Watch (Search and Rescue 0.5)

Author: Katie Ruggle

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Warning: Children in potentially life-threatening situations

Rating: PG13

Length: 84 Kindle pages


In the remote Rocky Mountains, lives depend on the Search & Rescue brotherhood. But in a place this far off the map, trust is hard to come by and secrets can be murder…

Ice rescue diver Derek Warner never meant to be a hero. But when two little girls go missing, he’s the first in line to bring them home—even if that means scouring the wilderness with the woman he once loved and lost, Artemis Rey.

Artemis has never stopped wanting Derek. Now, racing to find the girls before it’s too late, minutes turn to hours. Night falls. Old flames rekindle. And a danger grows in the darkest wilderness that may be more than even the Search and Rescue brotherhood can hope to face…

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The Ribbon Marker’s Guide to Effective Reader Entrapment: Part 5 – Book Reviews

The Ribbon Marker’s Guide to Effective Reader Entrapment

How to successfully get me, and  many other readers out there, to buy your book.

4. Book Reviews

Book reviews are the last tipping point where authors have an opportunity to convince a new reader that their book is worth its listed price on amazon. Simply knowing why other people enjoyed the book, and getting a little more info on the characters and the plot line can get me to spend money on what I think may be a slightly overpriced book.

Now, you might be thinking, How the hell does the author have control over what kind of reviews they will have? Aren’t they setting themselves to have a list of bad reviews that will make the reader run in the opposite direction? The answer is: not if they are smart about it.

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August Write On Review-a-Thon!

Hello Lovelies,

So, I know I didn’t last very long during the 2015 BookTube-a-Thon. Unfortunately, I only read one and a half books and completed the challenges for the first three days. You can watch my Day 2 & 3 Wrap Up video over at my BookTube channel, and see me impersonate the voices of a few Harry Potter characters :D.

However, I still have a lot of my favorite books to review for my blog. In fact, you can check out my very long list of reviews to be written or videoed.

To help me check off a few reviews off my list, I am happy to announce that I will be participating  in the  August Write On review-a-thon!

The Write On review-a-thon is a monthly event created and hosted by Brianna at The Book Vixen. This edition it’s THREE days dedicated to getting reviews done, whether you have one review to write or 30+. This edition of the review-a-thon takes place all day Friday, August 28th and Sunday, August 30th. Let’s get those reviews done!

Considering that this takes place over a weekend, I will attempt to either video/write at least 10 reviews from my mega list of reviews. I think I might be able to smash this one out guys, fingers crossed.

We’ll see how it goes…

The Ribbon Marker BookTube Channel

Hello Lovelies!

As much as I want to finish off my favorite book reviews as fast as I can, it has been really slow going. So, because I can talk faster than I can write, I have decided to start a BookTube Channel!

For those of you who don’t know what BookTube is, BookTube is a part of the YouTube universe where dedicated readers and book reviewers converse about all things book-related. It’s a really awesome community that shares in the emotional trips & crazy adventures that books take us on.

Please check out my introductory video below to get to know me a little better, and to get a better sense of what goodies can be found on my BookTube channel.

Anita Blake Book Challenge

Hello Lovelies!

So, because I am completely crazy and I like to pretend that I don’t already have enough to do, I have decided to complete an Anita Blake Book Challenge! The challenge involves re-reading and reviewing all of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter books before the release of the next book in the series, Dead Ice, on the 9th of June. It’s an ambitious goal because I only have 45 days to re-read and review 28 books. This includes all Anita-related short stories, novellas, and full-length novels. The Release Date Countdown will help you keep track of how long I have left until the release date of Dead Ice.

Wish me luck!

What made you want to be a part of the publishing industry?

When I realized that my graduation deadline was in the not-too-distant future, I had a massive panic attack. Graduation was no longer this far away date I was looking forward to because it meant no more assignments, no more all night study sessions for exams, and no more attending lectures. Instead of feeling that way, I got really, really, scared.

I was afraid of not knowing what to do next. When you are in school, it’s simple: don’t fail, and make sure you make it into the next grade or course. However, there is so much uncertainty after graduation. It’s a time of reassessing your career path. Are you really sure you know what you want to do with your life?

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Welcome to The Ribbon Marker!


Welcome to The Ribbon Marker, an editorial blog dedicated to reviewing urban fantasy and gay romance books, and pretty much anything else book or publishing related.

The site is still under construction, but I am working at it everyday. For now, you can explore my Fanfiction Favorites (fanfiction writers deserve recognition too!), and see my All-Time Favorites Book Reviews that share what I loved about various Urban Fantasy and Gay Romance authors’ books/series. You can also check out my Anticipated Reads section, with my TBR pile and Upcoming Releases pages, to share in what books I need to get around to reading (stop interrupting RL), and the books that I eagerly anticipate.

Aside from my reading obsession (though it kind of goes hand in hand), I am very much into writing. I have all these ideas running through my head, and not enough hours in the day to write them all down (or finish them). However, some persistent plot bunnies won’t leave me alone until they’ve been shared with the world, so keep an eye out for my Coup de Plume page

My upcoming Editorial Insights pages will have all kinds of nifty info on entering the publishing industry, what should go on your reference bookshelf, and other little editorial tidbits.

That’s enough about all that. Go check out what I do have on here.