The Ribbon Marker’s Guide to Effective Reader Entrapment: Part 3 – The Cover

 The Ribbon Marker’s Guide to Effective Reader Entrapment

How to successfully get me, and  many other readers out there, to buy your book.

3. The Cover

Covers are crucial in helping authors to sell/pitch their story to prospective readers. They allow readers to use a quick glance to make a decision on whether they are interested in purchasing your book, or in spending a little more time investigating whether or not your book is truly for them (e.g. read the blurb, read reviews, go to your website/blog, ask other people etc.). Book covers are meant to attract people who haven’t necessarily heard about your books (or you) but are just browsing for their next read at the bookstore or online, and to give them a visual taste of the book before they even know what the book is about.

One thing I’ve learned from going to the RT BookLover’s Convention this year, is that many readers are first and foremost attracted to a book’s cover. I’m not much of a “Cover Lover” myself, but I do agree that the attractiveness of a book’s cover can make me pause when scrolling through Amazon’s “recommend for you” list.

For me, the cover should: be a snapshot of the crux or main concept of your book, therefore the image should communicate the genre and premise of your book; evoke some emotion out of the people who see it, such that the overall feel of the story is well communicated; and be interesting in some defining way.

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