The Ribbon Marker’s Guide to Effective Reader Entrapment: Part 4 – Synopsis/Blurb

 The Ribbon Marker’s Guide to Effective Reader Entrapment

How to successfully get me, and  many other readers out there, to buy your book.

4. Blurb

The book blurb is the second to last thing that readers use to make the decision whether or not they are going to buy your book. So what makes for an awesome blurb that just makes readers click the Amazon “Buy now with 1-Click” button?

First we need to look at the type of write-up you are using. Most people use the words summary, synopsis, blurb interchangeably. I admit to being guilty of this myself until quite recently (I favored synopsis over blurb because it sounded more concise and to the point). WriteWorld has an excellent post on the difference between summary/synopsis/blurb, what each are used for, and examples of each. I will summarize.

The Summary highlights the major points of the story, in the shortest amount of time, so readers get the gist of it. The Synopsis is a type of summary, written in the present tense, that is more geared to selling the story (all its major points, the ending, and the story arc) to a publisher. The Blurb is the summary that goes on the back of your book to entice the reader with a detailed description of the twists and turns of your book, but doesn’t reveal the ending.

So, what goes into a great blurb?

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