Published Projects

Stolen LivesStolen Lives by Manda Mellett


I’m a sheikh, third son of the emir of Amahad, a small but powerful Arab state. After bringing shame on my country and acquiring the well-earned title “the Savage Sheikh”, the emir banished me to the desert, where for three years I have led the primitive tribes; my job to prevent jihadists from crossing the border. Do I want a wife?  Heck, no, I can’t risk letting another woman getting close to me. What if I lost control again? But it seems I must marry, and my bride is to be an Englishwoman, kidnapped and forced into this arrangement as retribution for the crimes of a father she didn’t even know.


I don’t need a mirror; I know what I am. Preferring to avoid pitying looks, I live as a recluse, working from home. Professionally I’m a forensic accountant, but on the side, I’m an adept computer hacker. What I am most definitely not is someone who’d be kidnapped, stolen from their home, and forced to marry a desert sheikh. Coerced into an intimate relationship with a man who has a frightening reputation, and who’s a complete stranger to me.

Set amongst the backdrop of a multi-cultural Arab state struggling to keep out jihadists who threaten the freedoms of its peoples Stolen Lives follows the story of two people, pushed into a relationship neither of them wants, forcing both to deal with the hand the past has dealt them.  Stolen Lives is the first book in the Blood Brothers series but can be read as a complete standalone.


Last Goodbye by Laurel OstiguyLast Goodbye by Laurel Ostiguy

In his final moments before succumbing to brain cancer, Jonathan Higgins confides in his best friend about a beautiful girl who should have been his one true love. Hundreds of miles away, on the same spring evening, Abigail Price suddenly suffers from a seizure that leaves her with an overwhelming sense of love and loss that she cannot explain. Starting college the following fall, Abigail meets two men who will forever change her life. Both love and care for her, but one harbors a secret that will split her world into two. Relationships will be tested while Abigail tries to understand what is and what might have been. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, but can you love and lose someone you’ve never met?


Singing With a BillionaireSinging With a Billionaire by Bree Barcellona

The exciting beginning chapter of the H.A.R.T.S CEOs series. Follow five devastatingly handsome best friends and business partners on their roller coaster rides to find the women who break them, tame them, save them, teach them and most of all, love them.

The day my mother overdosed when I was fifteen, I made a promise to myself that I would leave my past behind and not let it define my future. Even if that meant leaving behind my one true love, singing. With time I slowly built a life for myself where my days were filled with school and my nights volunteering. Months after graduating college, a lucky chance landed me the position as the personal assistant to the gorgeous billionaire CEO of H.A.R.T.S Marketing and Advertising firm, Reece Knight. He brought me into a world of limousines, private jets, world traveling and nights (and days) filled with indescribable pleasures I never thought I would know. I began living a life someone like me could have only ever dreamed about. A life I wouldn’t give up at any expense, even if it meant denying myself once more of something I loved. But while Reece spent his time trying to help me get over my fears, I realized my past wasn’t as far behind me as I thought.


RumpeledRumpeled by Ines Johnson

In this new spin on an old fairytale, Guy Rumpel’s golden touch could put a wrinkle in Midori Miller’s designs.

Former model, Midori Miller, left the fashion world in disgrace and now lives quietly as a small town dressmaker and single mom. When her talented daughter catches the ear of a New York record producer, the last thing Midori wants is to return to the harsh glare of the spotlight. Caught between the producer’s charms, her daughter’s dreams, and her own new chance at success, Midori isn’t sure she can design the right path for herself or her family, especially when the producer makes a play for her heart.

After a string of flops, producer Guy Rumpel believes he’s lost his golden touch. He needs to turn his career around with a hit record, and the young songbird from his hometown just may be the key. But when his family’s gift for finding their one true love shines its light on Midori, he’ll have to convince her to make the deal of a lifetime.


Immortal Pleasures


Immortal Pleasures by E.C. Edwards

Charming and heartbroken Isabelle Rowan is your every day woman, until she meets Devon Mortell, a man with a secret so big it will destroy everything she knows about herself and the way the world works. Sexy Devon is driven to protect her once he unleashes her raw passion and begins an orgasmic storm that will not just leave them both breathless, but in deadly danger.





Angelfall by L. Penelope

Their love could break the world.

Lyrix, the first new angel to emerge in a millennium, brings hope for her endangered race. But the weight of duty is heavy. As the newest and strongest, she is expected to become a Seraph, one of the stoic angel kings and queens. She dreads the prospect of losing all her emotions in the transformation, but avoiding her destiny may lead to extinction for her kind.

Wren is half-human and a second-class citizen among angels. A chance meeting with Lyrix leaves them both yearning for a life lived on their own terms. A relationship between an angel and an angelborn is unprecedented, and powerful forces oppose their union. On a journey to the human world, tragedy strikes, and Wren and Lyrix realize their love may destroy both worlds.


The Happy ManagerThe Happy Manager by Adela Maryskova

Happy employees work more effectively and are more productive. Manage your people so that they are engaged and loyal, and they will make their own decisions and perform well.

This book provides you with tips and techniques together with practical steps on how to implement them. Each chapter contains examples drawn from real experience. The book is very practical and to the point and will help you develop your management skills so that you can increase team performance.

The book will help you build an excellent team. It will address the following issues:
– how to teach your people to decide independently and why it is important
– how to increase people’s motivation and loyalty by instilling job meaning
– how to give supportive feedback and when and how to graduate the feedback
– and many more…

Successful companies are built on people who are motivated over the long term and can work independently to achieve the goals and visions of the company.
This book will show you how to build this engaged and productive team.

The book is short and gets directly to the point. No waffle, no padding – just winning techniques with examples.