Developmental Editing

Developmental editing should be the first type of professional editing that gets done. It involves looking at what makes up your story: the plotline (and any plot holes), story arc, content relevance, characters’ likability and arcs, characters’ goals, motivation, and conflicts, believability, pacing, tension, unresolved threads, world building, and scene setting. Content editing involves taking your idea, characters, and plots, and building them into a solid foundation to base your story on.

Since the story is your baby, I will work closely with you to make sure that you get the best version of the story you wanted to tell on paper. Therefore, my content editing service includes a 3-hour Skype session (used all at once, or in small periods over time) to discuss your expectations, what you think you need help with, and the edits, so you are happy with the final result. The Ribbon Marker developmental editing also includes a free post-edit follow-up, after you have incorporated the initial edits.

Accepted Genres & Themes: science fiction, fantasy, supernatural/paranormal, romance (most sub-genres), mystery, contemporary, erotica, new adult, LGBTQI, BDSM, holidays, thrillers, women’s fiction.

I also accept non-fiction, academic papers (journal articles, book chapter, theses, etc.), and other professional documents (flyers, brochures, conference materials, etc.) that are based in the social sciences.

I do not accept books depicting bestiality (shapeshifters and other paranormals do not count), unsafe sexual relations, and graphic depictions of pedophilia, incest (blood relatives), sexual assault, statutory rape (>3-year difference and one individual is <18), and rape for titillation.

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