Feedback Schedule

Since you may be concurrently working on a project, I offer three different feedback schedules to make the editing process a little easier.

By Section

If you have a long project, then you might prefer for me to send you your edited manuscript in sections, as I finish editing them, or in chapters. This enables you to have a look through as I am editing, and gives you more time to formulate a list of queries for your Skype Q & A.

Half & Half

No, not the milk! With the half and half option, I’ll send you the first half of the edited manuscript halfway through the estimated timeframe, and the rest of the edited manuscript when the project is completed.

Whole Document

If you don’t like reading in bits and pieces, then you might prefer for me to send you the complete edited manuscript when it’s ready. Don’t worry, you will still have a week to schedule your follow-up Skype call if you have any questions.