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So anyone who has a reading addiction bad enough to bankrupt, knows that the poor person’s e-library is

I was originally introduced to by a good friend of mine, though our tastes in fics are very different. We were sitting in the middle of Biological Psychology (which was one of the most boring subjects I did for my undergrad in psychology), and my friend was reading The Devil Wears Prada fan fiction.

Of course, to escape the mind numbing lessons of our traditional orator of a lecturer, I hopped on the website to check it out.

Now, I love Harry Potter. I read all the books as they came out, and watched the movies the same. So, seeing that’s largest book-themed fanfics fall under the Harry Potter category (705k and counting), I had to see what was out there. And there, I met the true love of my life: slash fiction.

I hated that Harry and Ginny ended up together in the books, it just felt too convenient that… oops… it’s 7th year and Harry has to end up with someone. Hermoine and Ron already had a thing going on, and Harry wasn’t really the type of guy to actively look for someone (had his mind focused on trying to escape and kill a mass murdering snake-man and his semi-crazed henchmen + Bellatrix). Ginny was never a viable love interest for Harry, because she was waaaaay sheltered. The Weasleys babied her as both the youngest and the only female child, and she never got to escape that. All throughout Hogwarts, she was looked after by her numerous over protective brothers (7th year aside). Yes, she went to Ministry of Magic with the DA. I also know she had to live through the Death Eater reign of terror during 7th year, but even then Snape was doing his best to protect the students and Neville had really stepped up to the plate with regards of organizing relief efforts. Compared to all of the crazy misadventures Harry (and to a lesser extent Hermoine and Ron) went on since coming to Hogwarts, and Harry’s rather neglectful childhood, Ginny’s psyche experienced less wear and tear than Harry’s. Harry should have ended up with someone with the same kind of long-lasting damage and who had gone through similar things.

Unfortunately J.K. didn’t have many strong female core characters who weren’t:

  1. Too old for Harry (Professor McGonagall and all the other women in The Order of the Phoenix)
  2. Not already otherwise engaged in another relationship (The Tonks women)

So slash fan fiction basically aims to pair Harry with someone who also went through seven kinds of hell during the war. Severus Snape, who got tortured for 17 years spying on a mad man, before getting poisoned by said mad man’s diabolical snake, was both strong and damaged by the war. Lucius Malfoy, the disgraceful pureblood who spent a majority of his life kowtowing to filthy halfbood who ended up being part snake, showed great ability to swallow his pride. Draco Malfoy, who paid the price of not having the stones to say “Father, I simply refuse to spend the most important years of my life bowing to the whims of revolting megalomaniac with no nose, who has no chance of winning because Potter has infuriating good luck”, spent a year with endless death threats to himself and his family (and still he couldn’t live up to Voldemort’s standards). Those individuals, I believe (and probably other Harry Potter slash fan fiction writers), are the ones who could have paired well with Harry. They would understand the PTSD, and the nightmares, and the well-honed-but-slow-to-disappear battle instincts (CONSTANT VIGILENCE!).

The fact that it resulted in many stories where two guys (the Hero & the brooding Bad Boys) getting hot and steamy is purely coincidental. It’s also a big coincidence that all of my favorite fan fictions are slash in nature (even the crossover ones) :D.

Now that I thoroughly exhausted you in explanation as to why:

  1. is completely awesome and has something for everyone
  2. You’ll only find slash fics on my favorites page

Go on and read the summaries, reviews, & links to my favorite fanfics.

Carry on.

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