All-Time Favorites

Welcome to my All-Time Favorites page!

I love books, clearly you know this. I also love sharing my favorite books with people, and I take great pleasure in converting people into book dorks like myself! A book review is a weapon that any voracious reader yields, enabling them to sway people’s opinions about a book. A book review may be the thing that gets someone to buy a book, or swear to never, ever read it.

Currently, I am really into gay and contemporary romances, as well as paranormal and urban fantasy fiction. I also adore fanfiction. It is such a good way to find your voice as an author, without the pressure of selling you pitch to a publisher. I always have time for reading, and technology makes it so easy to sneak in some reading time during my day. You know that girl who is constantly reading on her phone, as soon as she sits down on the bus? That’s me, and the Kindle app is my BFF.

I don’t believe in a set rating system for the books on this page. These are the books/fanfics that I adore more than anything, my A-list books. Instead, you’ll get a run down of what I loved and liked in each book.

Currently, I only have my favorite gay romance and urban fantasy books listed here, as well as a list of my fan fiction favorites. It’s a work in progress, but eventually the list will also include: Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, and other genres.

For now, check out the really sweet, kick-ass books I do have on here.

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