Top Ten Tuesday: Three Book Boyfriends I Wish Were Real

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 February 9 2016 TTT Topic Title

This week was a freebie week, as long as your list had something to do with Valentine’s Day, which is coming up this Sunday! Considering that I am indeed single, I’ll most likely be spending V-day with my books and family. Thus, I thought it would be fun to look at my favorite book boyfriends, and judge which one I would date if they were real.

Before we get to that though, you need to know what I’m looking for in a potential life partner.


Kate MaropeKate Marope

Physical Description: 5′ 7″, curvy figure, shoulder-length cherry bomb hair, and dark brown almond-shaped eyes.

Species: Human, but suffers from the delusion that she is really a werepanther and that someone inhibited her power to shift when she was a child


Kate Marope was born in Southern Africa, but was raised in Northern Virginia since the age of 5. Since then, she has moved all over the world, having lived on four continents and in six countries. Her under and post-graduate studies in psychology and marketing, along with a lifelong addiction to reading, have resulted in her pursuing a career in editorial publishing. Very animated about books, Kate can often be found reading, talking about the books she’s read, or sourcing new reading materials from publishers’ websites and While she reads, she loves listening to music (hip-hop, pop, and R&B), eating M&M’s, and consuming red wine.


My friends have told me that I do indeed have a type—pretty boys. You know, guys who take their mom’s beauty and refined aire, mix it with their father’s chiseled features, and come out looking handsome. Think along the lines of Tom Welling (totally the only reason I watch Smallville), Sasha Roiz, Colton Haynes, David Giuntoli, Matthew Lewis (he definitely grew up nice!), and Joe Manganiello.

I do prefer a guy who is way taller than me. I’m not super model tall, but I like wearing heels. I don’t want to feel like I’m dwarfing my boyfriend when I’m trying to look good. Oh, and nobody who looks like they’ve quit their job to go spend their day at the gym (cough, Dwayne Johnson, cough). I’m trying to get fit (lost 22 kg since last Jan), but working out is definitely not going to be an activity we have in common (unless they like Pilates).

Basically, I want a life partner who is self-assured (I have no time to stroke egos, and he wouldn’t last an hour at my mother’s house if he needs it), independently successful (I’m not looking to build-a-man), and family-oriented. I don’t care if he’s a bit of an arse to other people (I would probably find it funny anyway), but I need to know that when it comes to the people in our inner circle, he’ll always be there.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, let’s roll out the contenders’ dossiers, shall we?

Applicant 1

Tom Welling as Dane HarcourtDane Harcourt

Physical Description:  6′ 5″,  swimmer’s build, glossy, thick black hair, cool, charcoal gray eyes, and chiseled features

Celebrity Comparator: Tom Welling (actor & model)

Species: Human

Occupation: Architect


Having been adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Harcourt, real estate developer and socialite extraordinaire, Dane Harcourt had the confidence and social capital to become a trailblazer in the architectural industry. As the main architect at Harcourt, Brown, and Cogan, he designs houses for a select group of Chicago’s wealthy elite. Often described as compelling, hard to forget, commanding, curt, and the consummate professional, Dane Harcourt prefers the company of his small circle of friends and family. When he is not at work, he’s indulging his adopted brother, Jory Harcourt, and bailing him out of trouble.

Client’s Assessment

I have three words to describe Dane: solid, dependable, and self-assured. A relationship with him wouldn’t be borne out of need, but rather want. Want, not need, because, let’s be honest, the man has everything going on for him and he’s perfectly fine being single. He’d want to spend time with me, want to support me, and want to make a life with me (who doesn’t want that?).  He is the kind of guy who’d be a part of a power couple that leads separate but intertwined lives, coming together to exponentially increase their potentials.

Yes (never “yeah” for this guy), Dane comes off as a bit unapproachable, having nailed the cool steel glare down to a science. However, I think I’d like to have a boyfriend with “the glare.” It would help protect against would-be poachers, hobnobbers, and general sociopaths. I would have no problem dating someone who is more than a little bit of a control freak and neurotic to boot. I have issues, he’s got issues—let’s have issues together.

Plus I would kill to have his family and friends. I mean having Jory as a brother-in-law would make life so eventful, that I would never get bored. Going to a family gathering between our two households would be a delicious exercise in people-watching.

Applicant 2

Tommy Dunn as Roman DraganestiRoman Draganesti

Physical Description: Romanian with black shoulder-length hair, and golden-brown eyes

Celebrity Comparator: Tommy Dunn (model)

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Scientist



Roman Draganesti started life  with a poor outlook, having been sold to a local monastery for a sack of flour at the age of 5. Determined to make something of himself, he became a traveling healer, during which he angered the vampire who turned him out of revenge. After that, he systematically worked against Casimir’s forces, turning valiant soldiers downed on the battlefield to form his own army. Having thought to have fatally injured Casimir in 1710, he then was elected the coven master of the East Coast Vampires. He currently is the CEO of Romatech Industries, the producer of synthetic blood and vampire Fusion Cuisine, and discoverer of the formula that enables vampires to stay awake during the day. Roman is partial to Type A positive blood.

Client’s Assessment

Roman is sort of broody, verging on Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer self-loathing. Seriously, dude. What self-respecting vampire sits in the dark, sipping on a noxious  synthetic blood and garlic juice cocktail? I would like a guy who is self-confident, and is comfortable in his own skin (and species).

Roman is a very focused individual, who is determined to humanize and improve quality of life for vampires. Humans get killed by Malcontents because they are their “natural blood source”? Roman made synthetic blood. Vampires complaining that they miss the taste of food? Say hello to Fusion Cuisine, combining alcoholic beverages with synthetic blood!

I seriously admire his dedication to the people he leads.  He’s always taking the time to focus on their problems and complaints, even to the point of leaving very little time for himself. That level of caring in a relationship would drastically decrease the chances of having communication issues or emotional neglect.

While it’s admirable for him to be both a vampire leader and scientific genius, I think I would find it frustrating to have my time with him being constantly cut short by Laszlo, Gregori, or the hundreds of people who he has a responsibility to take care of. At the same time, I find it a relief that he has a passion and a job (two, really) that enables him to be his own person, and for both of us to pursue professional excellence.

Applicant 3

Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri BelikovDimitri Belikov

Physical Description: Russian with chin-length dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a long, lean physique

Celebrity Comparator: Danila Kozlovsky (actor)

Species: Dhampir

Occupation: Guardian & Teacher


Dimitri Belikov is the second child and only son of an abusive Moroi father, Rand Ivashkov, and Olena Belikova. He is a famous Guardian with godlike fighting skills, having achieved the highest Guardian standard (Blood Master Level 7). He is also the second known person to be turned from his Strigoi state back into his dhampir self through spirit. Belikov is a reserved man, often described by others as being stoic and hard to read. He enjoys reading westerns and listening to 1980s music.

Client’s Assessment

What makes Dimitri so desirable is that he is one of most dedicated, loyal book boyfriends out there. Seriously, he is a hardcore loyalist who is all for women’s empowerment. The fact that he is super fit doesn’t hurt either.

His quiet intensity is also a selling point. I am a very talkative person, so I don’t want to be butting heads with another chatterbox like myself. I need a good listener who also wants to contribute to conversation (none of that, “Yes, dear. Whatever you say, dear,” crap).

His penchant for reading is plus, though I am definitely not a big western fan. But still, I could picture us quietly relaxing by the fireplace, each of us with a book in hand, the companionable silence broken only by the popping of the firewood and the occasional chuckle when our books get good.

Dimitri’s downside is that he is practically a workaholic. His intensity and dedication to being a Guardian is great, but when you are like me and can’t even take a work break without working on another project, then you need someone who will pull you away from your desk (and computer…and phone…) to go experience the outside world.

And the winner is…

Dane Harcourt Wins

The truth of the matter is that Dane reminds me of my sister (knowing his self-worth, almost to the point of arrogance). He’s not the type of guy to be calling me every two-and-a-half minutes to check up on me, and he is not interested in me doing that either. We would be able to live separate but combined lives, which I think would lead to a relationship with great longevity, letting us discover each other’s quirks even 20 years down the line. I would adore having Jory and Sam as my in-laws, and I think together, Jory and I would get into so much trouble :D. It also totally helps that Dane married an African American woman in the books too.

Post SignatureWho is your ideal book boyfriend and why do you think your relationship would work in RL?

All applicants were sourced via The Ribbon Marker CEO’s Book Boyfriend Database, which has been built up over a lifetime of reading.