The 2015 BookTube-a-Thon Begins!

This week, August 3rd to August 9th, marks the beginning of an event that unites readers all around the world in an epic international readingfest! It’s the 2015 BookTube-a-Thon!!

What is the BookTube-a-Thon?

The BookTube-a-Thon is an international readers event, that started at midnight in all participants’ respective countries. The event focuses on bring readers together through overarching reading challenges, and daily BookTube video challenges and Twitter sprints (synchronized reading intervals).

2015 marks the third year that the BookTube-a-Thon is being host by its founder, Ariel Bissett, with help from Raeleen of padfootandprongs07, Catriona from LittleBookOwl, Joel of JoelBooks, Ben from Benjaminoftomes, and Leena of justkissmyfrog.

For more information on the 2015 BookTube-a-Thon, check out the official BookTube-a-Thon Channel, and follow the BookTube-a-Thon on Twitter for real-time updates.

The seven reading challenges for the  2015 BookTube-a-Thon are:

  1. Read a book with blue on the cover
  2. Read a book by an author who shares the same first letter of your last name
  3. Read someone else’s favorite book
  4. Read the last book you acquired
  5. Finish a book without letting go of it
  6. Read a book you really want to read
  7. Read seven books

Take a gander at which books made my 2015 BookTube-a-Thon TBR list.